PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP                                         222222222222222    
P::::::::::::::::P                                       2:::::::::::::::22  
P::::::PPPPPP:::::P                                      2::::::222222:::::2 
PP:::::P     P:::::P                                     2222222     2:::::2 
  P::::P     P:::::P    ssssssssss       cccccccccccccccc            2:::::2 
  P::::P     P:::::P  ss::::::::::s    cc:::::::::::::::c            2:::::2 
  P::::PPPPPP:::::P ss:::::::::::::s  c:::::::::::::::::c         2222::::2  
  P:::::::::::::PP  s::::::ssss:::::sc:::::::cccccc:::::c    22222::::::22   
  P::::PPPPPPPPP     s:::::s  ssssss c::::::c     ccccccc  22::::::::222     
  P::::P               s::::::s      c:::::c              2:::::22222        
  P::::P                  s::::::s   c:::::c             2:::::2             
  P::::P            ssssss   s:::::s c::::::c     ccccccc2:::::2             
PP::::::PP          s:::::ssss::::::sc:::::::cccccc:::::c2:::::2       222222
P::::::::P          s::::::::::::::s  c:::::::::::::::::c2::::::2222222:::::2
P::::::::P           s:::::::::::ss    cc:::::::::::::::c2::::::::::::::::::2
PPPPPPPPPP            sssssssssss        cccccccccccccccc22222222222222222222

‘psc trio’: brave new world

you can find ‘brave new world’, the album recorded with our previous trio, on any of the online streaming platforms.

we also usually have them at our shows, so you can get a copy when you come check us out!