The code for this episode is available here.

I had it in my head that the third episode would talk about variables in the section about Computer Science. Originally I thought the musical would be about chords, but it didn’t quite fit well with variables. Then I thought about key signatures, thinking that these are kind of like variables in the sense that you can shift any song into different pitches just by changing key signatures; but again, I wasn’t very content with the connection. While walking Lucy (my dog) one day it hit me that leitmotifs are actually quite similar to variables in the sense that you can reference them at any point, and they hold a particular “value” when called.

Once this was decided, it was clear to me that I wanted the performance bit to include a number of leitmotifs that I’d compose. Since leitmotifs are often used in movies and animations, I decided I would tell some type of story with the visuals. This is in contrast to the types of visuals I’d done previously, which were mostly reactive: it’s a set of static rules that simply respond to what I’m playing. I’m a big fan of Disney’s Fantasia (original and 2000), and I wanted to do something like what was done for the first pieces (Bach’s Tocatta and Fugue in the original, and Beethoven’s 5th symphony, first movement, for the 2000); specifically, I wanted to be able to tell a story using simple shapes (also, I figured this would just make my animation job easier).

I asked for pointers to “emotional” animations using simple geometric shapes and got some really interesting suggestions, especially a bunch of experimental films in the NFB suggested by my colleague Fernando Diaz. The one that I was most drawn to was Spheres, and I used that as inspiration for my animation.

I wanted to experiment with smoother movements, so I chose to explore shaders. I posted some initial experiments on Twitter which some people seemed to like, and the “story” came from these initial experiments.

The initial leitmotif I wrote when humming while walking Lucy (I do a lot of thinking when walking Lucy) and the others came from playing around with the animations and my piano.


Once again, many thanks to my buddy Ralph Crewe for agreeing to play Isengard’s theme on trombone. You should subscribe to his YouTube channel!

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