The code for this episode is available here.

I originally thought this channel would be a kind of educational channel, where people could learn about both music and computer science in a fun and informal way. I tweeted asking for suggestions for what to cover first on the CS side, and Kory Mathewson’s response was my favourite.

On the music side, it was kind of a train-of-thought process. The first thing that came to mind when thinking about the first thing you might learn in music theory was musical notes themselves.

For the creativity bit, I thought I’d use an idea I had already been experimenting with, which was to “record” a performance and then play it back in reverse. The code that I put up actually allows you to also play it back in its negative harmony (see this thread for an example.


A lot of the work I do in this space was originally inspired by the amazing projects Dan Tepfer has made with his Disklavier. I’ve hung out a few times with Dan, and he even helped me pick my Disklavier, but I haven’t had the chance to jam with him (yet!).

My good friend Ralph Crewe helped a lot with the technical details of making this first episode, including making me realize I needed good lights and helping me pick them! You should definitely check out his YouTube channel, Isn’t that something?, which is incredibly entertaining and informative, and was an inspiration for my own channel!

Unknowingly, my friend Kory Mathewson suggested the topic for the CS bit, so I thank him for that!

Finally, many thanks to my wife Michelle and my siblings Alvaro and Melissa for providing great feedback on early versions of this episode!

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