We (well, I) introduce a New Field In Science which we (I mean I) call Artificial General Relativity. We (here I really mean “we”) have all heard of General Relativity and how it revolutionized our understanding of the world around us. Einstein’s work, although pivotal, failed in one crucial aspect: although it allowed us to describe gravity and spacetime, it did not allow us to control them. In this paper I (switching to “I” to avoid sounding pretentious with “we”) introduce Artificial General Relativity (AGR) which, when achieved, will allow us to control gravity and spacetime. I present a set of practical approaches to achieve AGR which serve as reasonable baselines for future work.

Read the full article here.

You can find the open-source code accompanying this paper here. This code was used for the experimental evaluations for the CAstro Field Equations (CAFE) introduced in the paper: CAFE Field equations

I am thrilled to announce this groundbreaking article has been accepted at the competitive, peer-reviewed, SigBovik 2020 conference (proceedings here).